Liang Jon (en)

Research history

Bengalon river on route to Liang Jon

The Liang Jon site was located in 2001 and archaeological test pits were conducted in 2003, 2005 and 2008. This site has exceptional archaeological potential and is probably unique in this karst region. Consequently, an excavation program was initiated for this site in 2014 (geological and topographical analysis, OSL datation).

Location and description

Liang Jon rock shelter

Liang Jon (N 01°03’52.74”, E 117°16’24.36”) is a rock shelter located 35 m above the Meteng River, a small tributary on the left bank of the Jelai River (Bengalon River basin). The shelter opens at the foot of the western face of the Gunung Marang massif (recently named Gunung Gergaji by the authors). It extends roughly on a south to north axis for 30 meters. The width of the shelter varies from 10 m in the southern part, to 6 m in its middle part, to about 4 m in the northern end. A huge elongated rock, detached from the roof, separates the western part of the shelter from a steep slope. Due to this configuration in the shelter a considerable layer of sediment (> 8 m thick) has been trapped in the middle part of the site. This shelter is oriented to the west and is well-protected from the tropical rains. Today, it remains a dry location except at its northern end which has a modest karstic drip pan.



The stratigraphy of Liang Jon is based on the results of 5 test pits and 3 test pit trenches. The stratigraphy remains unclear due to a lack of reliable datations, and also because of the difficulties in reading the stratigraphy. At the bottom of test pit B we discovered a human occupation dated from the end of the Pleistocene (10 260 +/- 60 BP ; SacA 13859). Since the depth of sediment is estimated at around 8 meters, it is likely that earlier human occupation is present in the deeper layer of the site.

Archaeological materials

Many archaeological remains have been identified: lithic industries (> 4000 artefact), earthenware potsherds (> 1500 pieces), bones and teeth (faunal remains), terrestrial gastropod shells and shellfish, charcoal, ochre nodules, an individual burial (2544 +/- 30 BP, UBA-19 255) and a deposit of skull fragments (5634 +/- 35 BP, UBA-19257).


Topography of Liang Jon rock shelter, and location of test pits S1, S2, SA, SB

Citation : Ricaut F.-X., Grenet M., Plutniak S. and the MAFBO team. « Liang Jon rock shelter presentation ». En ligne le 12 june 2015. 


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