“Comparing differences and convergences in some ISEA’s rock art” (@15th EurASEAA)

Comparing differences and convergences in some ISEA’s rock art

Jean-Michel Chazine

As more and more research programs on Rock Art and its corresponding prehistoric anthropology are conducted throughout I SEA, the author has had the opportunity to observe and thus compare some Rock Art sites from Kalimantan/Borneo and those of Misool’s island (Rajah Ampat District/West Papua) area. Their common rough karstic environment being similar, they are nevertheless totally opposed, the first located far inside the inland rain forest, while the second is embedded in a marine/lacustre space. It is nevertheless interesting to try to compare on a structuralist approach on what their supposed differences would be built and if actually, they would not display the same answer to the same problems or universal questions, from Pleistocene to mid-holocene periods. The common, if not almost universal presence of stencilled hands on cliffs or caves panels besides representations of local fauna being thus possibly one of the linking bind.

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Sébastien Plutniak (2015, 20 juillet). “Comparing differences and convergences in some ISEA’s rock art” (@15th EurASEAA). À l’Est de Bornéo – Kaltim. Consulté le 29 février 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/qlmm

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