Returning from the 15th EurASEAA Conference

EurASEAA 2015. During the pottery session
EurASEAA 2015. During the pottery session

From the 6th – 10th July 2015 six MAFBO project members (including J.-M. Chazine, A. Guerreiro, J.-G. Ferrié, M. Grenet, S. Plutniak, F.-X. Ricaut) attended the 15th EurASEAA conference (European Association of Southeastasian Archaeologists) held in Nanterre University, France. More than 200 archaeologists –but also curators, anthropologists and economists, from Europe, Asia and America participated in this event. It was a good opportunity to meet our colleagues and discuss current and future research projects.

We participated in five oral presentations and one poster. 

Our Indonesian colleagues or collaborators also gave presentations.

Bambang Sugiyanto and Restu Budi Sulistiyo, from the Kalimantan Provincial office for Archaeology (Balai Arkeologi, Banjar Baru) displayed a poster entitled “Prehistoric man occupancy in the Meratus Mountains, South Kalimantan” (see this page). 

Mahirta, from the Archaeology Department of the University Gadjah Madah, Yogyakarta, co-authored a paper with Sue O’Connor (ANU, Canberra) about the “Stone artefact technology of Tronbon Lei Rockshelter, Alor Island, Nusa tenggara Timur, Indonesia” in the lithic technologies in Southeast Asia panel. 

EurASEAA 2015. Deleguates visiting the Musée d'archéologie nationale, Saint-Grmain-en-Laye
EurASEAA 2015. Delegates visiting the Musée d’archéologie nationale, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
EurASEAA 2015. The main hall with posters.
EurASEAA 2015. The main hall with posters.

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