Conference on Borneo in Paris (8/9/2017)

Dayak Motifs (credit: A. Guerreiro)

On Friday 8th September, the Musée du Quay Branly in Paris will host an international conference on “Bornéo. Dernière Terra Incognita ?

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Antonio Guerreiro will deliver a presentation entitled “Unity and Diversity of Dayak Art : Ethnic styles across Borneo and Beyond”.

In this presentation, he will introduce to Borneo’s main culture areas and Dayak ethnic styles, from architecture –buildings made for the living and the death– to sculpture, using exemples from both Museum and private collections. The approach integrates the designs and iconographic themes as expressed in murals and reliefs. Focussing on the central area of the Island spread out between Sarawak and Kalimantan (East, West), the author explores the aesthetics of the Dayak, stressing as well the contacts and exchanges that have taken place in the course of time. Beyond Borneo, funeral sculptures from the Western Austronesian area (Vietnam highlands, Madagascar) show some continuities with Bornean morphologies, they point to the late expansion of Austronesian (i.e. Malayo-Polynesian) speakers from Borneo to the South China Sea (Chamic) and Indian Ocean (Malagasy) circa 500 BCE to 600 CE.

A Dayak wood scultpure (credit: A. Guerreiro)


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